Press Release 13th March 2015

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Press Release:


Friday 13 March 2015



A Mother’s Day card with a difference will be hand-delivered this Sunday to Number 10 Downing Street by campaigners from Mothers at Home Matter, a group demanding fairer policies for families caring for children at home.

The hand-made card, which has the backing of supporters from across the country, calls for proper recognition of the work undertaken by the mother or father when caring for children at home.

Lynne Burnham, Secretary of Mothers at Home Matter and organiser of the event said, “It’s great to honour mothers on this special day of the year, but we mustn’t forget that ALL mothers work hard, ALL year round.”

MAHM is asking all political parties to properly value family care and to overturn the economic penalties paid by single-earner families that now make caring for your own children an impossible option for many.

The campaign group claims that the predicted low level of women voting at the next election is partly due to mothers feeling let down by the political establishment.  None of the political parties appear to value what mothers do. A fact demonstrated by the recent House of Lords inquiry into Affordable Childcare that failed to recognise the financial costs involved in deploying one parent at home.

Last year the Prime Minister announced that policies would undergo a ‘Family Test’ and that every domestic policy would be examined for its impact on the family.  The word ‘mother’ was conspicuous by its absence from the document. 

“Polls consistently show that parents, in particular mothers, want more time caring for their own children” commented Lynne Burnham, who explained that: “In the UK, unlike other countries, our system is skewed in favour of more tax-payer funded registered childcare, which is currently the only offer from the political parties.”

MAHM Chair, Marie Peacock said:  “Time and love are the gifts all parents want to give the next generation and should be affordable for working households, but sadly successive government policies have put barriers in the way of family care.’’  She continued:  “We need policies that show politicians really understand the dedication of mothers caring for children 365 days a year. Investing in time for parenting and nurturing relationships is money well spent.”

Lynne Burnham added: “Given the savings to the State of supporting strong family life, the question we now have to ask is ‘can we afford NOT to care about mothers?’ “



Notes to editors:

For media enquiries please contact:

Imogen Thompson

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile 07913 464 32

 About Mothers at Home Matter

Mothers at Home Matter is a voluntary, non-party political group campaigning for the importance of family time and caring for children to be recognised and valued in policy.

The organisation has three core aims:-

a) To promote understanding of children’s developmental needs, focusing on maternal care, the importance of family time and a loving home environment

b) To campaign for changes in the tax and benefits system to allow mothers and fathers to allocate more time to family-based care at key stages of the family life cycle. We are particularly concerned about penalties faced by families who dedicate time to caring.

c) To enhance the status and self-esteem of mothers at home by encouraging and celebrating motherhood


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