Protect your pension by still registering for Child Benefit – even if not eligible for payments

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Make sure you register for Child Benefit even if no longer entitled to monthly payments – because it protects your NI contributions for State Pension for those with children under 12.  This is important.    Take time to look at the legislation carefully so you don’t miss out on pension provision when you are at home caring for family, whether you are the  mother or the father.   Also it might affect you if you’re in low paid work as you’ll lose out on Child Benefit  if your partner is a higher earner – even though your own higher earner manager in work might well keep her/his child benefit even when his/her family has a higher overall family household income.     This is because of the strange method of means testing they’ve used,  based on individuals rather than family units. 

Filed 3rd June 2015

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