One mum tells MAHM ”The EU has no right to pressure young mums”

Posted in: Your Views: What Parents Say

In response to this article in The Telegraph  one mother tells us this (June 25th 2015):

”The European Union has no right to pressure young mums.This is social engineering which ignores the need to be together of young children and mothers. What sort of society are you trying to force upon us? Certainly not one strengthened and made secure by natural, parental family care.What are the effects on mental and physical health? Note the quote from the European Council about the UK ‘The percentage of women who are inactive or work part-time due to PERSONAL AND FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES (12.5%) was almost twice as high as the EU average (6.3%) in 2013.’ Clearly personal and family responsibilities count for nothing to the great European machine.This is disgraceful and repulsive.I have already left the Conservative Party: it taxes families with 1 working parent more than families with 2 working parents.We have to leave the EU. I worked in Defence of this country for nearly a decade, now 2 of my graduate children have emigrated. Is it any wonder?”


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