Debating Maternal Care – HoL needs to launch independent inquiry

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The House of Lords will be debating Maternal Care on Thursday 17th March. Good news.

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stephanie-holland8Worth tuning in at 1pm to see if the debate stays firm on topic to examine the vital importance of maternal care and how it might be best supported, or whether it mutates into discussion of early childcare in registered settings or care provided by other family members.

Even more urgently we need to look at how the current penalties faced by mothers in tax and child allowances can be reversed.  It can’t be right that motherhood is penalised so heavily.

MAHM believes there urgently needs to be dedicated space for discussions about policies to support **Maternal Care** particularly in the earliest years 0-3, without veering off topic as so often happens. Sadly, in other debates, we’ve seen how participants bring in studies of registered provision and early formal education at the earliest opportunity, refusing to acknowledge that mothers want more time for family care, not less.  

In fact our Economy depends on supporting invisible care work which is the backbone we rely on to raise the next generation as well as looking after vulnerable citizens.  So the question should be ‘Can our Economy afford not to support mothers caring for children?’  not ‘How can we provide mothers with more funded childcare outside the home?’

The House of Lords already spent a long time conducting a thorough inquiry into Affordable Childcare last year, so in a sense the ‘ins and outs’ of registered care provision have already been well covered. In fact the HoL pointed out that what’s termed the ‘Home Learning Environment’ (family and home) is *key* for little ones.

A secure base at home in the first years of life, with the people who love them the most, helps with self-regulation jessica-penrose2and child development so that children are in a better place for learning later. Point is, if parents can’t be at home, especially in the foundation years, then ‘home learning’ can’t take place!!

Now it’s surely time to launch an independent inquiry into protecting Maternal Care. We need to examine the impact Govt policies have in driving mothers into longer hours of paid work, leaving families with little choice other than to bring in other people (often paid practitioners) to provide hands-on care, long before the time feels right.

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