If I could just afford to breathe with you…

Posted in: Your Views: What Parents Say

by Karem Roitman


As I stroke your head

Honey-sweet sleep gently seeps in

Your hand relaxes – revealing a treasured plastic toy…


You still smell of caramel and dirt

Still throw yourself into hugs

Heeding no boundaries between your body and mine


I pause and breathe you in again


Day and night you turn to find me


For a story, for a cuddle, for a snack.

For safety.

I am the sky under which you blossom.


You run, play, laugh, and fall

I breathe in the fading sunlight on your hair

The joy before a spoonful of ice cream


The wonder at seeing the moon through the rain

It is a luxury to caress your perfect skin,

To wake up daily to your smiling eyes


But they say I must let others look after you:

To open your horizons – make you less needy

To make myself useful – contribute to the economy


If I never cared that no one saw me

That all was counted useless

If I could afford to just breathe with you


And be your sky

And watch you grow

What luxury, what need.

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