Sine Pickles

Membership Secretary

‘I joined Mothers at Home Matter later in life than many –  it was around the year 2000 when our 2 sons had already left home.

I remember hearing a news bulletin about expanding nurseries for young children and wondered why no one was considering that home might be best.   I trained as a primary school teacher but always wanted to have children and be at home with them.  When I got married in 1968, it seemed the most natural thing when you had children that you stopped going out to work. Otherwise why would you have them?  (That was the thinking then.)

When the children went to school , it was a new independent one set up by parents.  I started to teach there part time on a voluntary basis and this has continued right up until now.  I have also attended practical philosophy classes for many years and through that started to meditate and learn Sanskrit which I also teach twice a week.  I also chair a young mothers’ group once a week.

I’m very glad that both my daughters-in-law manage to be at home with their children,  although they have to be careful with finances.  It’s tough being a mother at home with young children now and I know from the young mothers who I meet that they really appreciate the support that they get from each other.  They have also commented that it is harder being at home sometimes than having a job with set times,  but they feel that they have learnt much more from being a mum and are stronger for it. ‘

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