Book Reviews

Over the years our friends and supporters have read and reviewed books with the greatest of pleasure. They are all relevant to our cause in their own unique way.
We have given the name of the publisher so that you may check that the book is still available. Happy reading.


The Continuum Concept

by Jean Liedloff Penguin Books £8.99 “I don’t know whether the world can be saved by a book but if it could be, this might just be the book”, writes John Holt, author of How Children Learn. The key phrase in this book is “in-arms”, a baby’s birthright is to expect that embrace, that proximity, […]


The Home Maker

by Dorothy Canfield Fisher Persephone Books £10.00 The Home-Maker may have been written 82 years ago, but the questions about the roles of men and women, not to mention the needs of children, remain as unresolved as ever. Though hailed as a feminist novel, the author never saw herself as a feminist. It is set […]


Toxic Childhood

by Sue Palmer Orion Books £12.99 I recommend this book to every parent, prospective parent, teacher, journalist and policy maker. Its author, Sue Palmer, a former teacher, is now a writer, broadcaster and consultant on the education of young children. Given her long experience, she pulls no punches. Today’s children are as bright and full […]



by Oliver James Vermillion £17.99 Psychologist Oliver James defines Affluenza as a contagious middle class virus causing depression, anxiety, addiction and ennui and he says we’re all in danger of catching it.  Asking why we in the English speaking world are afflicted by more mental illness and low level dissatisfaction than ever before despite being […]


What Mothers Do Especially When it Looks Like Nothing

by Naomi Stadlen Piatkus £7.99 What Mothers Do… is an inspirational book. I would recommend buying a copy for any friend embarking on their first experience of motherhood, particularly those who are unsure as to whether they should really be considering giving up a career to become a full time mother. Here is a book […]


Why Love Matters: How affection shapes a baby’s brain

by Sue Gerhardt Brunner-Routledge £9.99 Sue Gerhardt is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with disturbed or malfunctioning relations between mothers and babies in the Oxford region. She believes that current research in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis and biochemistry can be drawn together to give us a deeper and more accurate understanding of the processes […]

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