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What do we do for members?

MAHM gives a voice in the policy world to parents caring for children as we are all too often invisible/marginalised in the policy debate.  Other organisations exist to represent the working parent, and to represent the childcare sector,  but their remit is never about home life and children’s primary caregivers/parents.  Consequently, the most important aspect of children’s lives  – their family life –  is all too often left off the agenda.

As well as attending policy seminars, including meetings in Parliament, we also reach out to offer support and encouragement to mothers and fathers caring for children. We do this through our website and newsletter and social media. We think family life is deserving of celebration.  We know it’s not always easy, especially with policies that fail to value what parents do and which fail to factor in care responsibilities at home.

To continue our campaigning work we urgently need more members to join us. Please use the membership button below. Membership costs £12.50 per year. We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers who have committed many years to fighting for a more family friendly society in the UK  – one that recognises the importance of the work of bringing up children.

Should you decide to join our campaigning branch,  you may also be interested in signing up to our soon-to-be launched members/subscribers-only facebook discussion group ‘MAHM Members’ Community’ (closed group).  However we realise that social networking sites aren’t for everyone. There are a number of other ways to keep in touch,  not least our annual open meeting in London and we also hope to have some local meetings in 2015. All ideas welcome.

Individual Annual Membership – £12.50 per year

Couple’s Annual Membership – £15.00 per year

Join us by post

Mothers at  Home Matter, PO BOX 43690, London SE22 9WN

MAHM is funded entirely by membership fees  (£12.50  per year for individual membership or £15 per year for couple membership) and donations from individuals.  We receive no government funding and have no political or religious affiliations.  We are not a commercial organisation. Our success depends on your support and enthusiasm and the commitment of our small team of volunteers.   Without members we would not have the resources to  challenge policy and fight for a better deal for the parent (usually the mother) at home raising children.

Who joins MAHM? 

Membership is open to mothers, fathers, grandparents, working parents and anyone who supports our aims.  You don’t have to have children of your own to join us.  Many of us are mothers who, against all the social and financial odds, are at home with our families a lot of the time, because this is where we feel we’re needed at this particular stage of family life – whether it’s for younger or older children.  Some mothers work from home or have moved onto part -time employment, but they continue to support us – and some are back in full-time paid work, responding to changing family circumstances.

Membership of MAHM is not an indication of working status.

We also have members who are health visitors, researchers, parenting support workers, childminding mothers, as well as journalists and writers.  And many others.

If you can answer ‘Yes’  to some/any of the questions below,  then please do join us and support our campaigning efforts!

Are you bringing up a family on one income or one and a half incomes due to caring responsibilities?

Do you think the work of bringing up children is undervalued by government and policymakers?

Do you feel that a parent needs to ‘be there’ as much as possible for the children?

Are you concerned that children’s needs for loving family-based care are being overlooked?

Are you in a family where the adult(s) work – but you would love to stay at home for longer, if only you could afford it?

Or perhaps you are in a low-paid part-time job and your partner works full time – but the money just doesn’t go far enough.  Do you wish we had a fairer family taxation system that takes account the ‘partnership’ that is modern parenthood –  ie  a joint responsibility which isn’t currently eflected in our outdated taxation system which treats people more as individuals rather than family units.   (Note: in the UK single-income families pay a disproportionately high amount of tax on their household income compared with dual earning couples and also compared to other OECD countries).

Are you a single parent and feeling under pressure to return to work too soon,    despite having considerable care responsibilities at home?

Are you stay at home dad and keen to help us expand our dads’ network?

Do you have children with special needs, or are you responsible for taking care of elderly relatives?

Do you wish you had more support from extended family, but they live too far away?

Are you worried about giving up your job,  in case you can’t get another one after a few years raising a family?

Are you back at work due to pressure from family and friends, perhaps even your partner?

MAHM campaigns to recognise the work of caring – and the special responsibility of raising children and looking after the day to day needs of other family members.   We challenge a social and economic climate which only appears to value paid work at the expense of all the other things that are important in life.   Not everything that counts can be counted!

Why become a Member?

Quite simply, without our members MAHM would not be able to continue as an organisation.

MAHM is run by a team of volunteers, we try and keep our overheads to a minimum but there are inevitably some costs associated with running an organisation such as ours.

In the past 2 years our reputation has grown enormously and we are now approached on a weekly basis by the Press and increasingly we are asked to participate in meetings in Parliament.  This is a fantastic way of increasing our exposure but comes with some small costs attached (e.g. telephone calls, travel expenses)  and without the financial support from our membership fees we just would not be able to continue.

As a member you will get greater insight into our activities as we will send e-mails to keep you up-to-date and our newsletter by post.   We  also send information to members by email  to keep you up-to-date.

As a member you can join our new closed members-only facebook discussion group ‘MAHM Members’ Community’ .

Getting more involved through media interviews..

Our organisation is a pressure group representing mothers at home and we urge you to take every opportunity to write to national newspapers and take part in radio phone-in programmes.  If you are especially interested in this aspect of our work then become a member and we’ll  send you our Media Form.   We’ve recently had representatives on Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, Woman’s Hour,  to name just a few – not to mention local radio stations.   It’s important for mothers and fathers at home to have a voice in the debate.

Meeting other members

Our annual Open Meeting, followed by the AGM is a good occasion to meet like-minded people.  In the past we’ve had speakers such as author of Toxic Childhood Sue Palmer, author Naomi Stadlen, Dr Aric Sigman, Oliver James, Professor Belsky – and many others who inspire us to continue with this work.   See ‘Links’ section on main menu for information about previous Open Meetings and speakers.

Our membership fee is £12.50 per year (£15 for couple membership), but concessions are available.

Larger donations would really help us out.   If you are interested in discussing this further please contact [email protected]

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